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Zac Goldsmith

Brief description of achievement:

Zac Goldsmith has contributed to environmental awareness and protection by raising grants totalling more than $5 million to support campaigners who are working on issues including agriculture, energy and international trade policy.

Detailed description:

Amongst the initiatives that Zac has supported is the Organic Targets Bill Campaign which led to the Government putting in place an action plan to promote organic farming. He has also supported campaigns to reduce the use of pesticides, and these campaigns have contributed to the banning of 320 pesticide ingredients across the European Union.

Working with his younger brother Ben, Zac has also helped to set up The Manuka Club (www.manukaclub.org) which responds quickly to requests for funding from local environmental groups around the UK.

In addition to this, Zac Goldsmith has been editor of The Ecologist magazine since 1998 and has transformed the publication from an academic journal into a current affairs magazine without compromising its tough line on environmental and human rights issues.

The launch of FARM - the independent voice of farmers, (www.farm.org.uk) in November 2002, is another example of Zac's entrepreneurial character. FARM has quickly established a role as commentator on the agricultural campaigning and policy scene, closing the gap between farmers and environmentalists, and producers and consumers.

"I greatly welcome the energy and leadership that Zac has shown in supporting environmental issues in general and organic farming in particular."

Patrick Holden, Director, Soil Association

"Greenpeace has been happy to work with the various Goldsmith family foundations since the mid-1990s. Zac's work undoubtedly helps to broaden public awareness of the environmental issues that threaten the planet and in recognition of this work as well as his philanthropic leadership I believe he would make an excellent winner of the 'Young Philanthropist of the Year' award."

Stephen Tindale, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK.