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Matthew Orr and Claire Mackintosh

ShareGift is the highly acclaimed charitable solution to the disposal of small share holdings that would cost more to sell than they are worth. ShareGift has generated millions of pounds for other UK charities as a result of Orr and Mackintosh’s outstanding initiative.

Millions of pounds are tied up in tiny holdings of shares, which would cost more to sell than they are worth, creating a problem for shareholders and companies alike. Prior to ShareGift, there was no simple solution for shareholders who wished to dispose of such shares. Now however, many people in this situation are content to donate their nuisance holdings to ShareGift so that charities may benefit.

Established in 1996 by Claire Mackintosh, a former investment manager and co-founder Matthew Orr, a stockbroker, ShareGift today has a staff of five and a multi-million pound turnover. The impact of Matthew and Claire’s initiative has benefited around 1,000 different charities in the UK in donations totalling over £8.5million. The Charity has also developed a strong track record of working with companies on shareholder management by offering a charitable solution that is both useful and cost-effective to Britain’s companies. ShareGift has now been deployed by more than half of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies. ShareGift has worked with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs to draft guidelines for share giving and has also worked closely with both The Giving Campaign and the Institute of Fundraising to assist donors in giving to the charity sector through shares.

With the 2005 launch of ShareGift USA, based on ShareGift’s model in the UK, and with discussions for replication in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, the potential for replication across the globe is incalculable, with charities in counties throughout the world benefiting from an entirely new income stream.

“Claire and Matthew have provided a unique solution for both companies and individuals alike, enabling individual shareholders to gift these shares to charities and in doing so, reducing the cost of shareholder communications for companies. Since 2001, Help the Hospices has received over £200,000 through the donations of these unwanted shares. These donations are totally unrestricted and as such enable us to fund our core work …”

David Praill, Chief Executive, Help the Hospices