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Get involved

Beacon works as a catalyst to inspire an increased culture of giving. Thanks to generous 'in-kind' support from volunteers and organisations, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum.

We also rely on individuals, companies, the government and charitable trusts and foundations to support us financially. Investment in Beacon varies amongst:

  • Investment for Endowment: to fund the Beacon Prizes in perpetuity

  • Investment for Projects: to fund Beaconís annual activities

  • Investment for Research: to fund Beaconís study of charitable giving to find new ways of increasing funding

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available with tailor-made benefit packages.

Undesignated funds are equally welcome.

If you or your organisation would like to support us financially, with an in-kind contribution or by volunteering your time, please contact Clare Brooks at Community Foundation Network:

Telephone: 020 7713 9326
Email: enquiries@beaconfellowship.org.uk