Message from our Chairman

The Beacon Awards celebrate giving by individuals whose philanthropy has achieved an impact that needs to be more widely shared.

Modern philanthropy is developing in new and exciting ways, providing support for an array of causes, activities and needs and often using non-traditional and innovative approaches. It is no longer the preserve of an older generation as more and more young people are becoming involved.  

The growth of social enterprise, where social aims take precedence over financial returns, is just one example of the change that is taking place. There is now  greater awareness of the importance of measuring the impact of the philanthropic gift, as well as understanding the relationship between donor and recipient.  

We are confident that the awards will generate a strong pool of nominees whose philanthropic practice will act as a Beacon for others to follow,  and are delighted that J.P. Morgan is joining us as principal sponsor, with City Bridge Trust and Pears Foundation providing additional support. 

I would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity and commitment to the Beacon ideals of celebrating and promoting philanthropy.

Stephen Cohen
Chairman, Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust