Beacon Fellows

Since the first Beacon Awards ceremony in 2003, more than 70 individuals have been honoured as Beacon Fellows in recognition of their exceptional contribution to charitable and social causes.

By celebrating their achievements, we aim to create wider awareness of philanthropy and provide inspiration for others to follow.

We see many extraordinary examples of philanthropy at Beacon, and it is both humbling and uplifting to learn of the difference that effective giving can make in changing lives for the better.

The Beacon Awards 2013 will generate a new cohort of Beacon Fellows and we look forward to welcoming them to the Beacon Fellowship.

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Name Year Category
Amran, Dr Mohammed 2004 Community Builder
Bamber, Helen, OBE 2006 Judges Special Award
Barran, Diana, MBE 2007 For England
Barry-Walsh, Paul 2008 Creative Giving
Bhatia, Baron Amir, OBE 2003 Courage Effective Giving Leadership
Bird, John, MBE 2006 Creative Giving
Bokhari, Harris 2013 Philanthropy Advocate
Bonsall, Jake 2004 Young Philanthropist
Bradbury, Richard, CBE 2013 Pioneering Philanthropy
Broad, Rev William 2006 Family Philanthropy
Carey, Dr Peter 2008 Leadership
Carr-Gomm, the late Major Richard, OBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Chada, Angila 2013 Philanthropy Advocate
Chowdhury, Zacwan 2007 Judges Special Award
Cohen, Sir Ronald 2013 Impact Investment
Colburn Grigor, Carol, CBE 2013 Cultural Philanthropy
Constantine, David, MBE 2003 Courage
Cotton, Ann, OBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Crowther, Bruce 2004 Creative Giving
D'Arcy, Francesca 2004 Judges Special Award
Das, Samendra 2007 Leadership
Dawson, Stephen, OBE 2013 Pioneering Philanthropy
Di Giorgio, Michael 2007 New Initiatives
Donovan, Gill 2007 For Wales
Dorfman, Lloyd, CBE 2013 Cultural Philanthropy
Duffield, Dame Vivien 2006 Judges Special Award
Ellis, Sir Vernon 2013 Cultural Philanthropy
Ferguson, Nick CBE & Jane 2013 Place-Based Philanthropy
Fisher, Martin 2003 Creative Giving
Fitzduff, Niall 2004 For Northern Ireland
Francis, Sarah 2003 Young Philanthropist
Geldof, Sir Bob 2004 Leadership
George, Vikki 2008 Young Philanthropist
Getty, the late Sir Paul 2003 Special Posthumous Prize
Goldsmith, Zac 2003 Young Philanthropist
Goose, Duncan 2007 Creative Giving
Guthrie, Prof Peter, OBE 2004 Creative Giving
Hannay, Janet 2007 For Scotland
Hardie, Paul 2006 For Scotland
Henderson, Tom, OBE 2008 New Initiatives
Hicks, Claire, MBE 2007 Family Philanthropy
Hughes-Hallett, Sir Thomas 2013 Philanthropy Advocate
Humble, Dennis 2004 For England
Hunter, Sir Tom 2003 Creative Giving
Hussain, Zulfi 2005 Creative Giving
Jacobsen, Okezie Kerryanne 2006 For Wales
Jenkins, Kevin, OBE 2008 Community Builder
Lamplugh, the late DIana 2006 Leadership
Lamplugh, Paul 2006 Leadership
Macdonald, Michie 2010 New Initiatives
Macdonald, Angus, OBE 2010 New Initiatives
Mackintosh, Claire 2006 Judges Special Award
Marshall, Paul 2013 Targeted Philanthropy
Maude, Jason 2003 Start Ups
Mcgrath, Harvey 2013 City Philanthropy
Mckibbin, Michael 2013 Philanthropy Advocate
McLean, Alexander 2003 Young Philanthropist
McVeigh, Kate 2006 For Northern Ireland
Moon, Nick 2003 Creative Giving
Moore, Richard 2008 Judges Special Award
Morley, the late Prof David, CBE 2003 Lifetime Contribution
Morris, Jack, OBE 2013 Place-Based Philanthropy
Morrison, Gordon 2013 Targeted Philanthropy
Mulder, Dr Frederick, CBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Norman, Sir Torquil 2007 Judges Special Award
Norton, Michael, OBE 2013 Pioneering Philanthropy
O'Donohoe, Nick 2013 Impact Investment
Oberoi, Kavita 2013 Philanthropy Advocate
Oliver, Jamie, MBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Orr, Matthew 2006 Judges Special Award
Partridge, Dr James, OBE 2010 Leadership
Patel, Rita 2006 For England
Pattison, Leah 2006 New Initiatives
Pontin, John 2013 Impact Investment
Portman, Rosalind 2004 New Initiatives
Profumo, the late John, CBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Quinn, Niall, MBE 2003 Judges Special Award
Rausing, Sigrid 2004 Judges Special Award
Reed, Sir Alec, CBE 2010 Effective Giving
Refson, Benita, CBE 2010 Judges Special Award
Reynolds, Heather 2007 Community Builder
Rowe-Beddoe, Sir David 2004 For Wales
Rowling, J.K., OBE 2013 Targeted Philanthropy
Scott, the late Dr Mora, MBE 2004 For Scotland
Shirley, Dame Stephanie 2003 Start Ups
Speller, Marcelle, OBE 2013 Pioneering Philanthropy
Spencer, Michale 2007 Judges Special Award
Stafford-Smith, Clive, OBE 2010 Judges Special Award
Stephenson, Wendy 2013 Impact Investment
Stewart-Richardson, Brigadier Peter, MBE 2004 Risk Taking
Stone, John 2013 City Philanthropy
Studzinski, John, CBE 2004 Judges Special Award
Syndicate Founders, Young Philanthropy 2013 City Philanthropy
Tewson, Janet, CBE 2010 Philanthropy Advocate
Timpson, Alex, MBE 2010 Family Business Philanthropy
Timpson, John, CBE 2010 Family Business Philanthropy
Vanier, John 2006 Community Builder
Wells, Benamin 2006 Young Philanthropist
White, William S 2010 Judges Special Award
Wiggins, Carol 2003 Leadership
Wilson, Robert 2010 Young Philanthropist
Winter, Jane 2007 For Northern Ireland
Wood, Michael 2006 Judges Special Award
Woodworth, Keith 2010 Community Builder
Woodworth, Mary 2010 Community Builder